LJ's TiVoWeb Page Last updated: 24th July 2005, 11:48 BST

Here're the latest versions of the TiVoWeb modules I've written.  Major thanks to lightn and everyone else who has contributed to making TiVoWeb available.

Please read this legalese before using any of my code.

Oh, and if anyone from TiVo's reading - thanks for a great product and here's my suggestion for how soft padding should work. *grin*

Please feel free to email me questions or comments or PM me at the TiVo Community website.


TiVoWebPlus:All of the modules on this page are designed to work with the 1.9.4 Final release of TiVoWeb.  See this page for modules that work with TiVoWebPlus and other non-TiVoWeb(Plus) code.


WishLists Module
Adds extra functionality to manipulate WishLists: deletion of WishLists; creation/deletion of ARWLs; search of upcoming programs from the WishList screen; WishList creation from the Search screen.  WishList code written by angra (Thanks angra!) and converted into a standalone module by me.

Version 1.1 fixes a bug whereby a WishList created when SearchBy was set to Title was creating a Keyword WishList not a Title WishList!  Also makes searching for an Actor/Director WishList a bit tidier when multiple actors/directors match.  Have also included a README which explains how the module works.

Version 1.2 doesn't allow empty WishLists to be created.

Version 1.3 loads ukgenre.js if running on a UK TiVo and removes some extraneous tab characters from links and searches.  The latest version of the UK genres file is here.

Version 1.4 adds the ability to do exact searches and adds a link to show all matching WishList shows (except Advanced WishLists).  I think I've finally nailed the extra TAB character bug too! ;)

Latest module: version 1.4
(Load wishlists.itcl file to the tivoweb-tcl/modules directory and the latest UK genres file to the tivoweb-tcl directory and do a Quick Restart of TiVoWeb. Both files are included in the zip.)

Now Playing with Sort and Folders
Adds Folders and Sorting to the Now Playing module... err, that's it really ;)
See this thread on the Underground forum for more discussion.

Version 2.5 Added a new 'Unassigned' menu option. Default to 'by folder' sort next time if sort line isn't displayed. Renamed to folders.itcl so it appears in alphabetic order in the menu line.

Version 2.7 Copes with auto-assigns when a series no longer exists; doesn't allow null series ids to be added to the auto-assign list and skips programmes in Now Playing that don't have a series associated.

Version 2.8 displays an extra field in the MINS column if the programme has start or end padding.  It shows the total amount of padding - e.g. "60 +5 (34)" means the programme is an hour long, with an additional five minutes in total of padding and last time you watched it you got 34 minutes of the way through.

Latest module: version 2.8
(Load to the tivoweb-tcl/modules directory, delete npf.itcl if you were running the old version and do a Quick Restart of TiVoWeb.)

Allows your TiVo to serve .ico files, which means if you save a favicon.ico file to /tivoweb-tcl/images you'll see this (at least in IE) when you bookmark your TiVo.  Thanks for the idea gregclimbs!  Community thread here.

Latest module: here
(Load to the tivoweb-tcl/modules directory and do a Quick Restart of TiVoWeb.  Save your favicon.ico to /tivoweb-tcl/images.

Shows the Inside TiVo and Channel Highlights screens in your browser.

Version 1.1 adds the package modified date on the first screen as a tooltip; uses the package graphics and lists the channels in the tooltip for series where you have season passes.

Version 1.2 allows filtering.  It defaults to showing only series that have future showings and are on channels you watch.  You can also filter for all series with future showings or show all series.

Version 1.3 fixes the way Showcase calls some existing TiVoWeb code.

Version 1.4 adds a "show all matches" option on lower level screens.

Extra mods by Freakeao aka Dan: showcase.v1.4+.itcl - "I beefed up some error handling (looking for Program object when not always there) and added support of displaying Mugshots and Descriptions in more places."  When I tried it on my TiVo I could only find one 'Mugshot' - perhaps I should move to the other side of the pond... ;)
(Save to the tivoweb-tcl/modules directory as 'showcase.itcl' and do a Quick Restart of TiVoWeb.)

Version 1.5 defaults "Show matches in all subcategories" to on.

Version 1.6 defaults to displaying each show in only one list per update. Duplicated suggestions only appear in the first list you happen to view them in.

Latest module: version 1.6
(Load to the tivoweb-tcl/modules directory and do a Quick Restart of TiVoWeb.)

What's On
This module is based on the Browse by Time screen on the TiVo. This TiVoWeb version also allows you to press a button to watch a programme if it is currently on and will show you if future programmes conflict with programmes currently scheduled to be recorded.

Latest module: version 1.15 - Adds a "Top Favourites" selection - see below for instructions.  Also adds a checkbox to only show new episodes (thanks for the idea Sanderton!).  New episodes are always flagged with "(New) " before the episode name.

This version is compatible with both TiVoWeb and TiVoWebPlus - I've merged in the changes from both.  Support for clickable thumbs is planned for the next release of TWP so the thumbs logos aren't clickable when run from TWP.

You'll need the lj_utils module and the conflict icons from below to run this too. (Here's a .zip with all the files in you'll need to run What's On.)
(Load to the modules directory and do a Quick Restart of TWP.)

To specify which channels are your Top Favourites:

Create a text file in /var/hack called favchan that lists the channel numbers to search. Channel numbers can be separated by spaces or be on separate lines - any combination is ok. The order of channels is not important, nor are duplications.

e.g. This command from a telnet session works well: echo "103 42 102" > /var/hack/favchan
...and to add more channels later: echo "68 123" >> /var/hack/favchan

If the favchan file can't be found or is empty then the "Top Favourites" option doesn't appear in the "Channels to search:" box.

The favchan file is re-read every time What's On is called, so changes to favchan are immediately effective.

Now Playing with Sort for version 2.5.5 TiVos
This module allows us 2.5.5 TiVo users to sort Now Playing by Classic, Expiry Date, Title, Title + Episode Title, Duration and Genre.  (The Now Playing With Sort And Folders module above works on 2.5.5 TiVos too - this module left here in case you don't want the Folders functionality)

Latest module: version 1.2 - adds the delete checkboxes of the standard version back in.
(Load to the tivoweb-tcl/modules directory and do a Quick Restart of TiVoWeb.)

Show conflicts for a series
This thread on the TiVo Community Forum got me thinking about this. These changes will show you an icon against each showing in a series letting you know whether your TiVo is already planning to record something in that slot.

Modified ui.itcl module: ui.itcl.slotfree.txt (Updated to run with the 1.9.4 Final release of TiVoWeb and the genre changes. Timezone bug fixed 22May03; stray Day string fixed 13Jul03.)
(Load to the tivoweb-tcl/modules directory as 'ui.itcl'. Load the lj_utils module and the conflict icons from below and do a Quick Restart of TiVoWeb.)

Search Advisory Codes
This module allows you to search by Advisory Code ;).

Latest module: version 1.2 - adds the episode description as a tooltip.
(Load to the tivoweb-tcl/modules directory and do a Quick Restart of TiVoWeb.)

Other mods
blue.css: The latest version of my blue theme.
(Load to tivoweb-tcl and click the 'theme' link.)

Modules I run day-to-day: ljtivo040201.zip (based on 1.9.4 beta 5): This zip contains the versions of modules that I run on my TiVo.  These enable thumb modification links on programme, series and What's On screens and various other mods.  I reorganised the display on the info module to make it a bit more obvious what's deleted and not.  There're various other mods in here to show the duration of programmes; force best quality on recordings; include a link to IMDb for films; highlight conflicts in colour in recording history (needs the latest blue.css); and Anglicises a few bits here and there. I've added the slotfree code into the Channel Listings screen here too.

New version posted 31Jan04 to include version 3.5 of lj_utils.itcl.  My version includes a couple of '\n' characters in some tooltips which works in aIEeee! but not Mozilla browsers.

New version posted 01Feb04 to include a fixed version of ui.itcl - I'd broken the standard get_thumbimage procedure, which was causing What's On Grid View to crash.

New version posted 04Apr04: ui.lj.20040404.itcl - with two additions to those listed above:

Logging httpd-tt.tcl: logs unauthorised accesses from external networks. Details here.

lj_utils with thumbs modification: The thumbs mod code is now included with version 3+ of lj_utils.

Common code:

lj_utils: two sub-modules in here:

  • Slotfree:  This returns a bit of html that contains the conflict or slot available icon based on a starttime and duration passed to it.
  • Thumbs:  Allows modification of thumbs. ;)

Version 2.4 - uses its own icon for a free slot (Thanks for the icon Milhouse!); ignores suggestions when deciding if a slot is free and removes redundant alt text.

Latest module: version 3.5 - version 3+ includes the thumb modification code.

(Load this to the tivoweb-tcl/modules directory and the icons below to tivoweb-tcl/images and do a Quick Restart of TiVoWeb.)

Conflict icons

(Save these to tivoweb-tcl/images)

Here's a set of 3D icons by Benedict from TiVoCommunity.com:

TiVoWeb Patches:

ukgenre.js: updated for the UK genre changes made in July 2005.  Save ukgenre.js to the tivoweb-tcl directory.  No need to restart TiVoWeb.  File size should be 10024 bytes.  You can check that you have the latest by selecting the "Films" Category - with the latest file the first "Sub-Category" is "Action Adventure".