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A list of the changes I've made to the TiVoWeb part of the site:

24Jul05 11:48Posted an updated ukgenre.js that includes the changes made in July 2005.

12Dec04 09:20Posted an updated ukgenre.js that includes the changes made in November 2004.

24Sep04 12:26Posted a set of 3D slotfree icons by Benedict from TiVoCommunity.

Posted a script to call from cron that will run your scripts at the same local UK time whether it's currently GMT or BST.

12Sep04 13:26Posted a new version of the showcase.itcl TiVoWeb module that defaults to not showing duplicate suggestions for the same series.

28Aug04 10:40Posted a module that allows you to start a daily call from a telnet session - the idea being that you can call it from a cron job.

02May04 12:32Moved the TiVoWeb only modules to a separate page and listed the conversion status of my other modules.

Posted a new version of What's On that adds a checkbox to show only new episodes (thanks for the idea sanderton!) and adds a new "Top Favourites" channels selection option.

10Apr04 12:56Posted version 1.4 of wishlists.itcl which adds the ability to do exact searches and adds a link to show all matching WishList shows (except Advanced WishLists).  I think I've finally nailed the extra TAB character bug too! ;)

04Apr04 13:56Posted an updated version of the ui.itcl that I run day-to-day that cuts down the number of clicks needed to record upcoming programmes and also shows which WishList caused a programme to be recorded.

18Feb04 20:52Posted version 1.3 of wishlists.itcl that loads ukgenre.js if running on a UK TiVo and removes some extraneous tab characters from links and searches.

Posted a re-updated version of (the now correctly named) ukgenre.js.

16Feb04 22:28Posted a version of genre.js updated for the UK genre changes made in Feb 2003

01Feb04 15:58Posted new versions of startrd.sh.600 and startrd.sh.6622 - these adjust their sleep until 30 seconds after the minute to avoid clashing with channel changes.  Thanks for the idea iankb!

01Feb04 13:08Posted a new zip of my day-to-day modules - I'd broken a procedure in ui.itcl that was causing What's On Grid View to fall over.

31Jan04 10:24Posted a bugfix for lj_utils.itcl (now version 3.5)
Updated the zip of the modules I run day-to-day to include the lj_util.itcl bugfix.

03Jan04 18:52Posted version 1.2 of wishlists.itcl which doesn't allow empty WishLists to be created.

03Jan04 11:02Posted version 1.1 of wishlists.itcl which fixes a bug whereby a WishList created when SearchBy was set to Title was creating a Keyword WishList not a Title WishList! Also makes searching for an Actor/Director WishList a bit tidier when multiple actors/directors match. Have also included a README which explains how the module works.

02Jan04 18:54Posted wishlists.itcl.

01Jan04 22:54Posted an update to Showcase by Freakeao aka Dan.

29Dec03 13:44Posted a zip of the modules I run day-to-day.

11Nov03 09:42Posted v2.8 of folders.itcl that shows how many minutes padding a programme has.

31Aug03 08:58Posted favicon.itcl that allows your TiVo to serve .ico files. (Thanks for the suggestion gregclimbs!)

05Aug03 21:30Posted version 1.4 of showcase.itcl which adds a "show all matches" option on lower level screens.

18Jul03 09:30Posted version 1.3 of showcase.itcl which fixes the way Showcase calls some existing TiVoWeb code.

13Jul03 20:50Posted version 1.2 of showcase.itcl - this version allows filtering.  It defaults to showing only series that have future showings and are on channels you watch.  You can also filter for all series with future showings or show all series.

13Jul03 13:50Posted an updated ui.itcl.slotfree.txt module that removes a stray Day string. Thanks Mr Tickle!

13Jul03 12:50Posted version 1.1 of showcase.itcl - adds the package modified date on the first screen as a tooltip; uses the package graphics and lists the channels in the tooltip for series where you have season passes.

12Jul03 19:58Posted a new module that shows the Inside TiVo and Channel Highlights screens in your browser.

10Jul03 08:30Posted version 2.7 of folders.itcl - copes with auto-assigns when a series no longer exists; doesn't allow null series ids to be added to the auto-assign list and skips programmes in Now Playing that don't have a series associated.

22May03 18:30Posted a new ui.itcl.slotfree.txt module that fixes a bug with timezones.

21May03 19:30Posted a choice of startrd.sh modules to try to sort out problems with missed channel changes. Thanks MrTickle!

18May03 19:00Posted a module that allows modification of Thumbs settings.

06Apr03 17:22Posted a new pair of modules that allow you to blast the Sky Backup key continuously.

16Feb03 10:18Updated ui.itcl.slotfree.txt to work with the genre changes. Thanks for reminding me Doogie!

29Jan03 11:24Posted version 2.5 of the renamed npf.itcl - adds a new 'Unassigned' menu option. Default to 'by folder' sort next time if sort line isn't displayed. Renamed from npf.itcl to folders.itcl so it appears in alphabetic order in the menu line.

20Jan03 22:24Posted version 2.4 of npf.itcl - rearranges menu lines - sort line only appears when active. Adds sorting to assignment screen.

19Jan03 10:34Posted version 2.3 of npf.itcl - adds auto-assignment by Series and folder sorting.

19Jan03 10:34Posted version 2.2 of npf.itcl - adds a new sort order: 'By Folder' and adds the 'Mins' column back into the Assign view.

18Jan03 19:24Posted version 2.1 of npf.itcl to fix a bug in 2.0 ;)

18Jan03 11:00Posted a module that adds folders and sorting functions to the Now Playing screen.

07Jan03 07:30Changed the IR code blasted for the Sky Backup module.

05Jan03 22:50Added a set of modules to remove the 'Red Dot' from Sky by sending the backup key.

04Jan03 18:44Updated Now Playing to add the delete checkboxes of the standard version.

04Jan03 17:00Added a modified httpd-tt.tcl module that logs unauthorised accesses from external networks.

04Jan03 13:20Updated the patched slotfree ui.itcl to work with the 1.9.4 Final release of TiVoWeb.

01Jan03 18:22Updated lj_utils to version 2.4 - now uses its own icon for a free slot (Thanks for the icon Milhouse!); ignores suggestions when deciding if a slot is free and removes the redundant alt text. Updated the zip file.

31Dec02 18:12Added a zip file containing everything needed to run the What's On module. Thanks for the suggestion jkeegan!