LJ's TiVo Page Last updated: 24th July 2005, 11:48 GMT

Here're the latest versions of the TiVoWeb/TiVoWebPlus modules I've written.  Major thanks to lightn, falcontx and everyone else who has contributed to making TiVoWebPlus and TiVoWeb available.

Please read this legalese before using any of my code.

Oh, and if anyone from TiVo's reading - thanks for a great product and here's my suggestion for how soft padding should work. *grin*

Please feel free to email me questions or comments or PM me at the TiVo Community website.  I generally monitor this general and this enhancement thread at DDB.


Latest changes:
Posted an updated ukgenre.js that includes the changes made in July 2005: TW; TWP.

Posted a set of 3D slotfree icons by Benedict from TiVoCommunity.

Posted a script to call from cron that will run your scripts at the same local UK time whether it's currently GMT or BST.

Posted a new version of the showcase.itcl TiVoWeb module that defaults to not showing duplicate suggestions for the same series.

Moved the TiVoWeb only modules to a separate page and listed the conversion status of my other modules.

Modules that are designed for TiVoWeb 1.9.4 Final are now here.

TiVoWebPlus Modules:

What's On
This module is based on the Browse by Time screen on the TiVo.  This version also allows you to press a button to watch a programme if it is currently on and will show you if future programmes conflict with programmes currently scheduled to be recorded.

Latest module: version 1.15 - Adds a "Top Favourites" selection - see below for instructions.  Also adds a checkbox to only show new episodes (thanks for the idea Sanderton!).  New episodes are always flagged with "(New) " before the episode name.

This version is compatible with both TiVoWeb and TiVoWebPlus - I've merged in the changes from both.  Support for clickable thumbs is planned for the next release of TWP so the thumbs logos aren't clickable when run from TWP.

(Load to the modules directory and do a Quick Restart of TWP.)

To specify which channels are your Top Favourites:

Create a text file in /var/hack called favchan that lists the channel numbers to search. Channel numbers can be separated by spaces or be on separate lines - any combination is ok. The order of channels is not important, nor are duplications.

e.g. This command from a telnet session works well: echo "103 42 102" > /var/hack/favchan
...and to add more channels later: echo "68 123" >> /var/hack/favchan

If the favchan file can't be found or is empty then the "Top Favourites" option doesn't appear in the "Channels to search:" box.

The favchan file is re-read every time What's On is called, so changes to favchan are immediately effective.

TiVoWeb to TivoWebPlus conversion status:

I've just started the process of verifying/converting each across.  My intention is to convert all those whose functionality isn't already included in TWP.

WishLists / Search Latest changes to be re-added (exact searches and the link that shows matches for all of your WishLists)
Folders Seems to work ok - need to tidy up version3 variables etc
Favicon Included in TWP
Showcase Not tested
Search Advisory Codes Not tested
Other mods that I run day-to-day Not tested

UK-specific TiVoWebPlus Patches:

ukgenre.js: updated for the UK genre changes made in July 2005.  Save ukgenre.js to the twp directory.  No need to restart TWP.  File size should be 10024 bytes.  You can check that you have the latest by selecting the "Films" Category - with the latest file the first "Sub-Category" is "Action Adventure".

Other code:

UK Summerzone
Designed to be called from cron so that your script always runs at the same local time whether it's currently GMT or BST.  Full instructions in the

Daily Call from a telnet prompt
Allows you to start a daily call from a telnet prompt, so you can call it from a cron job.  Full instructions in the header of the

Sky Backup Key (Blast when a recording is in progress)
Sends the backup key every 60 seconds if a recording is in progress. See this thread on TiVo Community for more details.

Latest modules (05Jan03 22:50): startrd noreddot.tcl

Choose either startrd.sh.600  or  startrd.sh.6622 if youhave a Pace 2200.
Both updated 01Feb04 to blast at just after 30 seconds after the minute. (Thanks for the idea iankb!)

Save the three modules to /var/hack.  Rename the startrd.sh module to startrd.sh.  Chmod +x startrd and startrd.sh.

Launch either with 'startrd' or 'startrd console' if you want to see debug messages (don't exit the shell session before you exit startrd if running in console mode - you'll reboot your TiVo!).

Exit by keying '8 clear clear' on the remote (will take up to 60 seconds to respond to the shutdown).

Note these modules only seem to work if launched directly from a telnet prompt - for some unknown reason they don't work if launched from rc.sysinit. (Your name here in lights if you can get it to work from rc.sysinit! ;)

Sky Backup Key (Blast continuously)
Sends the backup key continuously - you can specify the delay between blasts. See this thread on TiVo Community.

Save these two modules to /var/hack. Run 'chmod +x blastbackup*'. Launch with 'blastbackup <seconds between blasts>' - e.g. 'blastbackup 60'. It defaults to every 60 seconds if you don't specify a delay. Exit by killing the process or rebooting your TiVo ;).

Latest modules: blastbackup blastbackup.sh

Note these modules only seem to work if launched directly from a telnet prompt - for some unknown reason they don't work if launched from rc.sysinit.